Analysis, Optimization, and Control in Partial Differential Equations (PDEs):

  • sensitivity analysis, optimization, and control in free and moving boundary problems, with focus on fluid-elasticity interactions;
  • well-posedness analysis, parameter estimation and control of fluid-solid mixture problems, in particular poroelasticity and poro-visco-elasticity.
  • shape differentiability analysis for hyperbolic problems with Neumann boundary conditions;
  • well-posedness, regularity, and long-time behavior for evolutionary PDEs (nonlinear waves, shells, thermoelastic systems, etc.) under the influence of super-critical energy-building sources and nonlinear, potentially restricted damping terms.

Current Funding: NSF CAREER Award DMS-1555062

Previous Funding: NSF -OISE 0802187; NSF DMS – 1312801

List of publications can be found in CV.

Publications available on arXiv

Ph.D. Students:

  • Sarah Strikwerda

Former Post docs:

  • Justin Webster (Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, BC)

Former Ph.D. Students:

  • Lucas Castle (Teaching Assistant Professor, NCSU)
  • Kristina Martin (Quantitative Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis, MN)
  • Marcella Noorman (Post doc, Janelia Research Campus)
  • Steven Derochers (graduated 2017, now instructor at University of South Carolina)